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Vision of the University

To be the most sought after and undisputed leader in the visual & performing arts nationally and in the region of Asia Pacific, while producing competent,innovative and creative artists.


Mission of the University

To disseminate knowledge and skills in the fields of visual & performing arts while developing and fostering art, culture and promoting research to achieve excellence regionally and to be self sufficient in all resources by the year 2020.


Following a 30 years of protracted terrorism, it is time that the people of diverse ethnicities should enjoy the sheer cultural and artistic diversity in Sri Lanka. The process of national integration and reconciliation should be in harmony with revival and codification of the diverse forms of arts, >>>>

University of the Visual & Performing Arts


University of the Visual & Performing Arts was established on 1st of July 2005, by the former President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, (Government Gazette notification issued on 09th November 2005). This University replaces the former Institute of Aesthetic Studies affiliated to the University of Kelaniya. The University of the Visual & Performing Arts has three faculties, namely Faculty of Dance & Drama, Faculty of Music and Faculty of Visual Arts and the three faculties compromise twenty two departments.

University of Visual & Performing Arts - 2005


History of the University



The origin of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts can be traced back to the year 1893, the era in which the Ceylon Technical College was established. Drawing and Design were among the first courses to be taught there.Approximately five decades later, on the 1st of October 1949, the Department of Arts and Aesthetics shifted its locality from Horton Place to Haywood College.

Heywood Building - 1949