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The Origin of the Faculty of Visual Arts of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts goes back to the year of 1893; the year in which Ceylon Technical College was established. Among the first courses to be taught at the college were drawing and painting.

After a period of approximately five decades, on 1st October 1949 the Department of Drawing and Painting moved from the Technical College at Maradana to the "Heywood" building at Horton Place and was subsequently renamed as the School of Art. Diploma in Fine Arts was awarded to students upon the completion of 5 years of study. Prominent painter and teacher JDA Perera was the first Principal of this Department.

On 2nd July 1952, Music and Dance got included into the curriculum of the institution and the institute came to be known as the Government College of Fine Arts. The Departments of Music and Dance were established at 21, Albert Crescent in Colombo 7 while the Art and Sculpture courses continued to be conducted at the "Heywood" Building.

As a result of the First University Act of 1972, this Institution came to be known as the Institute of Aesthetic Studies and was affiliated to the University of Ceylon in 1974. For the first time in 1978, 63 students were awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. The restructuring of the university system in Sri Lanka brought about the affiliation of this Institute to the University of Kelaniya in 1980.

The special Gazette Notice issued by Her Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga formally announced the establishment of the University of the Visual & Performing Arts with effect from 1st July 2005. It was established in order to promote and develop the fields of visual and performing arts as well as to offer recognized higher education 33 qualifications in these subject areas. Thus, the university was divided into three faculties: the Department of Art and Sculpture became the present Faculty of the Visual Arts.

The Faculty of Visual Arts of the University of the Visual & Performing Arts consists of 09 Academic Departments.

  • Department of Painting
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Visual Communication Design
  • Department of Multidisciplinary Design
  • Department of Textile & Wearable Arts
  • Department of Ceramics
  • Department of Printmaking
  • Department of History & Theory of Art
  • Department of Multimedia Arts

Prior to the commencement of the Faculty of Visual Arts there were only 5 Departments. The other departments were added after the Faculty was established.

The Following Degrees are awarded upon the completion the respective Courses of Study:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Special) Degree
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Special) Degree (New Syllabus)
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Joint) Degree (New Syllabus)

All the students in the faculty have the possibility of following a computer Literacy Course and an English Proficiency Course throught the four year academic period.

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