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Indian dances, which consist of a large number of dance forms, have become highly popular in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this degree programme has been designed to meet the demands of the students who wish to be experts in the field of Indian dance. The Department of Indian and Asian Dance of the faculty gives the students the choice of selecting either Kathak or Baratha Natyam as their main subject.

Students can obtain the Bachelor of Performing Arts (special) Degree in Bharatha Natyam and Bachelor Performing Arts (special) Degree in Kathak upon completion of the courses. It is currently engaged in the task of bringing Kathakali and Manipuri dances to the same level of importance as the dances mentioned above. About 30 undergraduates are enrolled annually to the department and the department provides a comprehensive knowledge in the art of traditional dancing and drumming, Indian and Sri Lankan Folk Dance, vocal and instrumental music, language usage and research methodology, the educational & psychological background of dance & teaching methodology. These course units provide wide coverage of core and peripheral areas in the respective fields of study.

The Department is also conducting two diploma courses in addition to the undergraduate programmes: namely Diploma in Kathak Dance and Diploma in Bhatatha Dance.

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