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The field of Sabaragamuwa dance holds an important place in the culture of Sri Lanka as it manages to exemplify the esteemed and proud heritage of Sri Lanka to the world. As such, the main objective of this department is to pass down traditional teachings and skills to the present generation. It offers Bachelor of Performing Arts (special) Degrees in Sabaragamuwa Dance.This degree programme has been designed to produce resourceful graduates with a theoretical and practical knowledge of Sabaragamuwa Dance. It provides a wide coverage of core and peripheral areas in Sabaragamuwa Dance including Sabaragamuwa Folk dance, Sabaragamuwa Folk Theatre, Sokari etc. Undergraduates can gain a wider understanding of Sri Lankan identity as a result of their exposure to the various aspects of this field of study. The department has provided the opportunity for its undergraduates to engage in the study of this dance form by conducting research and engaging in experimentation, research and critical analysis.

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