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Low-country dance is a highly ritualistic dance form performed to appease evil spirits which are believed to cause sicknesses. This spectacular dance tradition with its dramatic pelapali (dance sequences), well defined movements/expressions and elaborate costumes that represent various character types is no doubt one of the unique and great classical dance forms in the region.

The Department of Low-country Dance offers Bachelor of Performing Arts (special) Degree programmes in Low-country Dance. The main objective of this department is to disseminate knowledge of this dance form that has spread across the Southern and Western provinces of Sri Lanka. The department wants to make its undergraduates highly employable. In order to pursue this objective the Department of Low-country dance has already developed its curriculum in such a way as to enable students to gain knowledge of the core and peripheral areas of this traditional dance form heralding from Matara, Bentara and Rigam Guru-Kula. It was established as a separate department in the year 2005 and annually, about fifty students get registered to follow the courses. The department is also scheduled to conduct a diploma and a postgraduate programmes for those who wish to pursue higher studies in fields.

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