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Train artists to cope with the complex challenges of contemporary culture, the Department of Multidisciplinary Art offers a layered, integrated learning environment, in which the relevant fields of knowledge and creativity are taught to the students. The department offers its students a broad foundation with regard to expression and patterns of thinking, whilst introducing them to the various theoretical aspects and principles of the subject. The B.V.A (Special) in Multi Disciplinary Design is a four-year full time Course.The degree in Multi Disciplinary Design provides a combined training in multiple art trends and their technical aspects.After following the course students are encouraged to use their personal memories and experiences, in order to develop their own unique viewpoint. This viewpoint comes into expression through a variety of means available to them, or by combining creativity and innovation. Student who enroll in training for a Bachelor’s Degree in Multi Disciplinary Design learn design theory, colour surface development, life drawing, traditional creative methods and etc.

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